Model Train Layout Progress

So my dad and I are at it again, working on our train layout. I’ve taken some of the pictures over the last year and put them together showing the progress of the layout (also showing off a few of our trains…). It’s coming along slowly but nicely.

Android Gospel Library Tip: Updating Bookmarks

I’ve enjoyed having the LDS Gospel Library on my phone and tablet quite a bit, but one of my frustrations with it has been bookmarks–it’s fairly straightforward to create a bookmark, but how do you update (move) an existing bookmark for when you’re doing your daily scripture study?

Someone recently showed me how to do it. It’s really pretty simple. I created a bookmark called “Daily” and set it to where I’m at in my scripture study. Then, when I was done with my scripture study and ready to update my bookmark, I open up the bookmarks dialogue and longpress (press and hold) on the “Daily” bookmark. When I do that, I am prompted whether or not I want to update the existing bookmark, and I say yes.